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  • Official registration of the certificate of correspondence to SSS, GOSSTROI;
  • Official registration of the Fire Safety Certificate;
  • Official registration of sanitary-epidemiological hygienic conclusion;
  • Receipt of permit of GOSGORTEHNADZOR;
  • Official registration of the certificates in the system of UkrSEPRO (Ukraine certificates);
  • Official registration of urgent certificates for customing of loads;
  • Receipt of guarantee letters for customing of loads;
  • Receipt of rejected letters;
  • Working out and confirmation of Technical Conditions (TC);
  • Notarial attestation of copies of certificates and translation of documents into any language of the world.

According to the law "About certification of goods and services" (edited from 27.12.1995 ь 211-F2 with the following changes and additions) certification is a method of the objective control of the quality of product, its correspondence to established requirements, and also to Environmental Protection, safeguarding of life, health, property of citizens. The presents of the certificate helps customers in competent choice of goods and is a certain guarantee of its good quality.

Obligatory certification - is confirmation by an authorized body of correspondence of goods to obligatory requirements. An obligatory requirement is a requirement of a normative document subjected to obligatory fulfilment with the purpose of achievement of correspondence to this document. Usually obligatory requirements are those in safeguarding of security of people, their property and environment, technical and information compatibility and variability of goods and some others, connected with the necessaty of safeguarding of methods of control and marking.

A list of product subjected to obligatory standardization and also its factors, indices, characteristics are determined in accordance with effective in our country normative documents and legislation.

The obligatory requirement includes indices of safety for a consumer and environment. Thus, at obligatory certification of goods the consumer get assurance of safety while using.

Voluntary certification certification is introduced under the initiative of producers, suppliers and sailors of product with the view to confirmation its accordance to not only obligatory requirements of normative documents, but also to publicized characteristics and indices. The system of voluntary certification is usually introduced for product at the expense of information about high quality and safety of product, ensuring higher mutual confidence of suppliers and consumers, great possibilities of consumers in the choice of product. At voluntary certification, both the producer of goods and society of consumers or enterprises of trade have the right to chose its any scheme and also a normative document. At the voluntary certification the declarant himself determines those requirements, correspondence to which should be confirmed (or not confirmed by the certification body correspondingly spheres of spreading of systems of voluntary certification are wider than of systems of obligatory certification. More over, throughout the world voluntary certification of systems of quality of enterprises for confirmation their correspondence to the standards of International Standardization Organization (ISO) of the series 9000 has greatly developed recently, what permits the producers to be more assure of the quality of their product.


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