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  Types of certificates  

Accordance certificate
(certificate of quality, quality certificate)

Accordance certificate certifies the quality of actually shipped goods, as well as their correspondence to the terms and conditions of the contract. Accordance certificate gives characteristics of the goods or confirms correspondence of the goods to definite standards or specifications of the order.

Accordance certificate is issued by competent organizations, chambers of commerce, special laboratories in the country of export and in the country of import. The parties of the purchase-and-sale contract can agree about submitting the certificates of different governing and supervisory institutions.

Product accordance certificate is intended for certifying a consignment of goods delivered to Russia by the importing company, or imported batch products. In the first case the certificate is registered for the company supplying the products to the Russian market. The term of the certificate validity depends on the provisions of the sales contract. In the second case it is a foreign manufacturing company, which declares and receives a certificate for delivered goods. A certificate of this type is effective during the term indicated in the certification document. Legalization of the certified product is carried out by the Russian experts at the manufacturer's facilities. A correspondence certificate for batch production is issued based on the laboratory tests of the product samples.

Product accordance certificate GOST R can be issued only on availability of the additionally required certification documents: a hygienic certificate, a veterinary certificate, a fire safety certificate, etc. An Accordance Certificate GOST R is issued with reference to the above-indicated documents.

Accordance certificates can be voluntary and compulsory. The goods, which are not subject to compulsory certification, can be imported to the Russian customs house on availability of the refusal letters. Accordance certificates are registered in Russia based on schemes 7 (certification of goods consignment) and 3А (certification of production conditions).

Fire Safety Certificate

Certification of products and services in the field of fire safety is carried out to prove the correspondence of the products and services to fire safety requirements in accordance with regulations of the Russian Federation. A fire safety certificate is an integral part of the product accordance certificate GOST R. Organization of the certification procedure is determined by the State Fire Safety Service in concurrence with the Standardization, Metrology and Certification Committee of the Russian Federation.

List of products subject to compulsory certification in the field of fire safety:

  • Fire protection means
  • Substances and materials
  • Building structures and products
  • Electrotechnical devices and electrical instruments
  • Heat-generating equipment

Documents required for fire safety certification:

  • For imported goods:
  • Registration certificate, declarant's (seller's) registration certificate issued by tax police
  • Goods delivery agreement or contract
  • Invoice or specifications to the contract, way-bill
  • Technical description of the goods (characteristics)
  • Test records of fire safety parameters (if available)
  • For domestic (Russian) goods:
  • Registration certificate, declarant's (seller's) registration certificate issued by tax police
  • Technical documentation, technical specifications (TU) registered in accordance with established procedure
  • Technological regulations, technological instructions, technological processes (other documents describing production technology)
  • Agreement on floor space lease or the document certifying the right for property
  • Earlier received certificates or test records (preferable)

Sanitary-epidemiological (hygienic) certificate

Hygienic certificate is a document certifying the accordance of products and goods to the sanitary law requirements in the case of strict conformity with established rules of production, storage, transportation and distribution.

Hygienic certificate is issued for one type of goods. However, several nomenclature items (trade marks) of the goods can be indicated in the attachment to the certificate. The products are united if they are manufacture based on the same standards and technical documentation and on the same hygienic safety criteria. Several types of products cannot be included into the same hygienic certificate.

Hygienic certificate is valid for 5 years. In the definite cases (manufacture of new products in trial lots, realization of principally new technologies, use of non-conventional raw materials or components), the effective term of the hygienic certificate can be shortened. Hygienic certificate determines concrete conditions (regulations) of production or distribution of the goods.

Three different types of sanitary-epidemiological certificates are issued for:

  • products
  • type of activities
  • technical specifications

Documents required for hygienic certificate registration:

  • For imported products:
    • Documents certifying the status of legal entity (registration certificate, registration certificate of tax inspection)
    • Safety certificate of the manufacturing country
    • Technical description of the products indicating application conditions, other standard and technical documentation, including the information about composition and application conditions
    • Contract or information about delivery of the goods
    • Certificate of origin
    • Test records (if available)
  • For domestic (Russian) products:
  • Documents certifying the status of the declarant's legal entity (registration certificate, registration certificate of tax inspection, statute)
  • Regulatory and (or) technical documentation for products or goods
  • Passport indicating technical characteristics
  • Technological regulations, technological directions (other documents containing production technology description)
  • Report of production conditions survey issued by Sanitary Inspection
  • Agreement on floor space lease or the document certifying the right for property
  • Other documents certifying product safety (accordance certificates, raw material hygienic certificates, etc.)
  • Records of product tests (if available)



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