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Certificate correspondence to SSS-R - a certificate certifying the quality of actual delivered goods and its correspondence to conditions of the contract. In the certificate of quality are given characteristics of goods or is confirmed correspondence of the goods to certain standards or technical terms of the order.

The certificate of correspondence of product is assigned both for certification of goods of home production and for imported goods. The certificate of correspondence can be issured for the lot of goods or for goods in dispatch. In the first case the certificate is legalized for the firm of a deliverer of product in the Russian market. Term of validity of the certificate depends on the terms of the treaty about sale.

In the second case the declarant and recipient of the certificate is a foreign firm - producer of the released goods. The given type of certificate is valid during the term pointed out in the certificated document. The certification is held by our experts on the object of production of the firm, released the certificated product. Judging by the results of realized laboratory tests of patterns of product a corresponding certificate of correspondence of output in dispatch is issued.

The certificate of correspondence to SSS-R on the product can be issued only in the presence of necessary for the present production extra certificated documents: hygienic conclusion, Veterinary Certificate, Safety Certificate, etc. In the certificate of correspondence to SSS-R there must be references to the documents mentioned above

Certificate GOST-R


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