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Taking into account the fact that the certification of output is an expensive process, it may be paid only by the manufacturer who is practically the only participant of the process of certification, he can provide the conformity of the total volume of output in a certificated way and can guarantee the consumer the safety of the acquired.

The declarant must not only pay for all the process of the certificate tests, but also be responsible for the safety of the output to the consumer. That's why it is the declarant who has a right choose of the certification of his output taking in to account the degree of risk: the more difficult and the more expensive the plan of certificate service depends on certification's scheme and its kind, depends on tests peculiarity, specialization of the article and presence of certificates for this article.

Terms of receiving certificate documents are different it depends on some reasons:

  • Registration of the application for certification;
  • Examination of an the application and all the documents attached it (as a rule, during 3 days);
  • Examination of the material presented by the client, result analysis of model testing;
  • Model testing and drawing up the report of testing;
  • Estimation of satisfaction of goods sold the requirements of normative documents, decision making about the possibility of delivery of certificate conformity;
  • Inspection control of the object in accordance with;
  • The sort of receiving certificate.

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