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A special group of indices of safety of product is represented by the so called hygienic significant indices. These indices are characteristic of foodstuff, preservatives, materials and articles made of them, having contact with foodstuff, perfumer-cosmetic articles, of textile, clothing, knitted stuff containing chemical fibers of some kinds of mechanical engineering product and other kinds of industrial product.

While certificating product, the quality of which is determined by hygienic considerate indices, receipt of hygienic conclusion on it is overseen.

Hygienic conclusion is a document which proves that the bodies and establishments of the Department of State sanitary-epidemiological supervision of the Ministry of Public Health allow the output and import of products corresponding to established requirements, and serving as official confirmation of safety of product for health of a person keeping certain conditions.

Hygienic conclusion is issued by the bodies of state sanitary-epidemiological service of the Russian Federation when normative documentation is agreed and is set or contracts are formed when production from abroad is bought. The results of evaluation of hygienic condition of product and of examination of normative documentation of it, its manufacture and utilization give occasion to the issue of hygienic conclusion. For imported product such occasion is given by evaluation of the certificate of safety of a country supplies and of results of examination of product realized in Russia.

Certification of product, the condition of realization of which is the presence of hygienic conclusion. Hygienic conclusion is issued for the term of 5 years.

Hygienic conclusion


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